26 Fanart Avatar Zuko And Katara

26 Fanart Avatar Zuko And Katara

Discover more posts about zuko-and-katara. Aangs crush just being more harmless and less serious and actually turns into a real friendship and the motherly situations arent weird.

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This enitre episode showcases just how well these two work together.

Fanart avatar zuko and katara. Shes dating his best friend Aang. She arrives for a Peace Summit and he decides to try to make her his Fire Lady. Zuko and katarakyo and tohru.

But something was different. Aged Up because it involves romantic relationships. A year after the war ended Zuko is running the Fire Nation and in love with Katara.

He goes out of his way to help her she finally forgives and accepts him. Aang accidentally calling Katana mom and being embarrassed because this person is there friend and teacher less about crushes. Katara Zuko Avatar 2 Toph Beifong Zuko 2 Aang The Gaang Avatar 2 Aang Roku Avatar 2 Obi-Wan Kenobi Anakin Skywalker 1 MaiZuko Avatar 1 Exclude Additional Tags Fluff 4 One Shot 3 Zuko-Centric Avatar 3 Zuko is an Awkward Turtleduck 2 De-Aged Zuko Avatar.

Its a fan-created group effort to give a fully animated alternate ending to Avatar. KataraZuko Avatar Katara Avatar Zuko Avatar Romance. The Last Airbender The Legend of Aang-books 123Song.

It brings closure to the events that happened in the Crossroads of Destiny and brings Zuko and Katara together. I looked in and saw Katara laying on the ground and Zuko on top of her pinning her down. The Last Airbender then you know that some people are huge.

8 Mother Knows Best. Can anyone take part. Zutara my OTP for Avatar.

May 5 2014 - Explore Zutaras board Zutara Fanart on Pinterest. See a recent post on Tumblr from the-savage-daughter-0627 about zuko-and-katara. Yes this is a redraw of my wedding art of them from 2018 zuko is 25 katara is 23 i love these two so much you dont understand zutara zutara month if you squint it could count as dawn and dusk bc of their robe colors zuko x katara zuko prince zuko fire lord zuko katara ambassador katara avatar the last airbender atla atla fanart.

An ending in which Zuko and Katara are together. Artist nymre brings us this lushly detailed fan art bringing Zuko and Katara together and the visual style reminds us of the well-drawn Dark Horse Avatar comics out there. Avatar live action with katara and Zuko being the oldest.

See more ideas about zutara zuko and katara zuko. Never Too Late by Three Days Grace. This could easily be a scene from the comics if they depicted an alternate Zutara-friendly universe.

It didnt seem like she was scared it seemed like she liked it. Fortunately for Zuko Katara. Zuko swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat and realizing what he had done was now dreading what Katara was going to do.

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