HD Fanart Romance Fanart Zuko And Katara

HD Fanart Romance Fanart Zuko And Katara

Zutara month 2021 zutara atla avatar the last airbender atla fanart zuko x katara zuko katara sokka my art. Not only is this a place for discussion you can post a great number of things here.

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Fanart romance fanart zuko and katara. Zuko is ten when he feels the burn on his shoulder. Her face was slightly flushed and her eyes were wide with innocence. We all know that Katara ended up with Aang and started a family with him but fans love to speculate about what would happen if Zuko captured her heart instead.

But they live in a world torn apart by war. View the full list of clubs in About Us. What space is there for soulmates.

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He decided to draw Aang front center with his eyes and the arrow on his forehead glowing due to the Avatar state. Zutara month 2021 day 5. Katara jt-designs-123 240 5 Longing for Winter OVjanelle 26 2 Katara - fanart YusaMiyoto 435 45 Mature content Bloodbender SaberMay 57 5 Waterbender SaberMay 65 4 Video Katara in Fire Nation Outfit Nukababe 1012 48.

Z U T A R A - A Tumblr Content Blog Icons wallpapers videos gifs fanarts fanfics etc. The AU fanart by ihatecollege. Aang and Zuko loves Katara.

Yes this is a redraw of my wedding art of them from 2018 zuko is 25 katara is 23 i love these two so much you dont understand zutara zutara month if you squint it could count as dawn and dusk bc of their robe colors zuko x katara zuko prince zuko fire lord zuko katara ambassador katara avatar the last airbender atla atla fanart. Fanart fanfiction music videos icons wallpapers etc. Zutara Groups More.

The Last Airbender was done by German De Vivero. Zuko became concerned with what was giving his love these feelings. Katara is eleven when she feels hers.

I looked in and saw Katara laying on the ground and Zuko on top of her pinning her down. The AU fanart by ihatecollege. Shes dating his best friend Aang.

It didnt seem like she was scared it seemed like she liked it. You rise with the moon I rise with the sun. 8 Zuko Katara Aang And Toph Mastering The Elements This incredible fan art from Avatar.

85 notes Nov. You name it they have it. Clubs Zuko x Katara.

Zutara zine zutara zuko x katara prince zuko katara zutara fanart zutara fandom zutara fanfiction zutara forever zuko x katara fanart atla fanzine atla zine atla zuko atla katara the gaang fanzine atla fanart zuko fanart katara fanart. WaterbenderTash HEHE i like this one. Zuko and Katara Club Join New Post.

It is easy to love the character of Katara and this fan artist captured that. She arrives for a Peace Summit and he decides to try to make her his Fire Lady. Fan Art of Zutara for fans of Zuko and Katara 8526773.

Cutting her off without using any words this time--Zuko grabbed hold of Kataras arm pulled her to him and kissed her. But something was different. Camiiiluuuu liked this.

Artist nymre brings us this lushly detailed fan art bringing Zuko and Katara together and the visual style reminds us of the well-drawn Dark Horse Avatar comics out there. Jun 30 2020 - Explore Erika Maes board Zuko and Katara on Pinterest. Ulisay i love them together i think thedirectors shoould havekept themtogether they would hav been better than ang and katara and zuko and mai.

The two teenagers had backed away from eachother clumsily. Avatar the last airbender. She smiled at him Zuzu I wanted to tell you earlierIm pregnant.

Add interesting content and earn coins. A year after the war ended Zuko is running the Fire Nation and in love with Katara. This zine is focused in the relationship of Zuko Katara and how their relationship changed.

Katara placed a hand on Zukos shoulder drawing his attention from his precious daughter. See more ideas about zuko and katara zuko katara. Zuko stood there looking just as shocked as Katara did.

And as quickly as the kiss came to happen it ended.

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