[29+] Fanart Gon And Killua Ship

[29+] Fanart Gon And Killua Ship

Gon and Killua are one of the few friendships that I can think of. Dec 6 2020 - MY BOIS and kurapika a little and maybe some gon x hisoka.

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Mar 16 2021 - Explore Dehrunes Magons board Hunter x Hunter Fan Art on Pinterest.

Fanart gon and killua ship. Check out amazing killua artwork on DeviantArt. Ging freecss gon freecss killua zaoldyek killua x gon killua killugon killua zoldyck killua hxh master killua kurapika pls take care of urself kurapika leorio leopika hisoka hisoka morow netero hxh hxh 1999 1999 hxh gon hxh hunter x 1999 hunter x hunter hunter x hunter 1999 hunter x hunter 99 1999 hunter x hunter hanzo. Hunterxhunter killuazoldyck hxh gon hunterxhunter2011 anime fanart killuahunterxhunter gonfreecss manga.

Fanon The ship is quite small and gets hate from fans who are against shipping Killua with a girl or anyone other than Gon. Killua and Gon watched anime together before. Jan 26 2015 - Explore Kalluto Zoldycks board Gon and Killua on Pinterest.

Those who do support the ship view Canarys devotion to Killua as unrequited love. Gonkillu killugon gon x killua gonkiru kirugon hisoillu kurokura hunter x hunter hunter x 2011 hunter x 1999 hxh hxh 2011 fanart kurapika gon freaks gon freecss killua zoldyck illumi illumi zoldyck hisoka others ships pixiv art pixiv kuroro lucifer chrollo lucilfer. Killua hxh killua hunter x hunter hxh doddleart gon fanart killua fanart gon freccs killua zoldyck gon x killua hxh fanart hunter x hunter gonkillu gonkiru gon freaks anime fanart hxh fandom fanart animedrawing animeboy anime art fashion.

Killua was the first one to develop a crush on Gon which was when they first met and got an idea of Gons powers. Killua alive and well sitting on the bench away from Gons deathbed is the fulfillment of Gons last will. In the Hunterpedias Gon and Killuas name in Katakana are under an umbrella in the background.

See more ideas about hunter x hunter hunter hunter fan. Leorio wanted them to watch Hentai but Kurapika told them Evangelion was good. Search and Discover.

See more ideas about killua hisoka hunter x hunter. While the creator of Hunter x Hunter never said anything about the matter the anime producers ship them aswell. Gon gives Killua riddles while theyre on the road.

By GonFreecs405 GON FREECS with 4675 reads. Killua finally has to open his eyes to Gons decison to die alone that was verbally expressed from the start. They both ship Shinji and Nagisa.

Sharing an umbrella is known as an lovers umbrella in. Canon never confirms how Killua feels about Canary aside from trusting her leaving fan works to interpret his side of the relationship. I havent drawn Gon and Killua in a while but love their friendship so much cough I ship it cough.

Read Killua X Me Killugon from the story Gon and Killua React To Ships. Theres plenty of good romances in fiction but not enough good friendships. See more ideas about killua hunter x hunter hunter.

Honestly I like Gon and Killua as friends. Whether Killua likes it or not. Get inspired by our community of talented artists.

See more ideas about hunter anime hunter x hunter killua. Yes they do each others hair. Mar 25 2021 - Explore Nightmilkteas board KilluGon on Pinterest.

See more posts like this on Tumblr gon freecss killugon gonkillu killua x gon hxh fanart gon hxh killua hxh killua zaoldyek killua hunter x hunter gon hunter x hunter hunter hunter. Whether Killua likes it or not.

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