Free Fanart Junko Enoshima Death

Free Fanart Junko Enoshima Death

Fan Art of Junko Enoshima for fans of Junko Enoshima 37685096. Junko is featured as the main antagonist and mastermind in the first two games of the series as the true identity of the robotic teddy bear.

Junko Enoshima Danganronpa Danganronpa Junko Anime

1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Talent 31 Ultimate Soldier 311 In other languages 4 History 41 Prior to the Tragedy 4.

Fanart junko enoshima death. Danganronpa junko junko_enoshima cosplay anime monokuma enoshimajunko danganronpatriggerhappyhavoc danganronpafanart enoshima. Junko Enoshima Club Join New Post. Mukuro Ikusaba 戦刃 むくろ is a student in Hopes Peak Academys Class 78th and a participant of the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa.

Though she did eventually get killed by the time she got crushed during the After School Lesson. Speaking of her flaws Junko isnt much of a direct fighter as she prefers to manipulate her foes. Fanart is loved and appreciated.

A place for fans of Junko Enoshima to see download share and discuss their favorite fan art. Junko Enoshima Club Join New Post. Add interesting content and earn coins.

Fan Art of Enoshima Junko for fans of Junko Enoshima 37555277. Oct 6 2020 - Read Junko Enoshima from the story Danganronpa Fanart Book by IIDreams196II Dreams-chan with 711 reads. Hoy vengo a traerles un nuevo video el cuál en este caso se trata de un fanart que hice de Junko Enoshima mi personaje f.

Get Jinxed by Jinx LOL. I finished the first game about a week ago and Im on the second one now. Death Battle Info Weapons.

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Alter-Ego Junko stole the status of an observer from Usami and with it her power to manipulate the entire Neo World Program and can see everything in the program with a vast amount of detail. KyokoMagica42 and IllusionDolls like this. Junko even had the durability to survive the Ultimate Punishment herself.

Junko Enoshima Images on Fanpop. The Neo World Program contains several islands large and small a vast amount of ocean and outer space. Her title is the Ultimate Soldier 超高校級の軍人 lit.

Enoshima Junko known as Ryōko Otonashi Japanese. Junko Enoshima Print Giveaway. Otonashi Ryōko in the light novel series DanganronpaZero is a fictional character in Spike Chunsofts Danganronpa series.

Chapter 5- Future Foundation Experiments. Control Over the Neo World Program. Junko enoshima danganronpa fanart digital art junko enoshima fanart dr 1 thh dr1 trigger happy havoc drv2 goodbye despair drv2 drv3 dr v3 killing harmony junko i literally love junkos design sm ill post more art soon please also buy commissions from me.

Add interesting content and earn coins. Fan Art of Junko Enoshima for fans of Junko Enoshima 37565437.

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