24 Ship Sans X Frisk Fanart

24 Ship Sans X Frisk Fanart

Sans is a MONSTER and not a HUMAN so he doesnt follow HUMAN biology like a HUMAN skeleton. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

Love The Sans X Frisk Ship Soo Much Undertale Undertale Cute Undertale Comic

People keep saying IT COULD BE ADULT FRISK11.

Ship sans x frisk fanart. Favmedbc68ws Grandkinds sans x frisk. Why would you ship a skeleton and a human. Apr 16 2020 - Explore Raven Undertales board Sans x Frisk followed by 876 people on Pinterest.

Sans x Frisk Comic - 11 Sans x Frisk Pics Page 2 Read 11 Sans x Frisk Pics from the story Sans x Frisk Comic by TwilightSpake Oof with 6772 reads. Even when it is not sexual it can still be considered it. Apr 15 2019 - Explore Faran 傅s board Frisk x sans on Pinterest.

Jan 20 2021 - My favorites ship sansxfrisk asrielxchara papyrusxmattaton undynexalphys Ik ik this is all Undertale XD. Not only had it ended up being a busy day for Frisk but it just seemed like it was one of those busy days for everyone. See more ideas about undertale sans x frisk frisk.

Sans is an adult assuming since he sounds and looks older than Frisk and Frisk is a child. See more ideas about frisk fanart frisk undertale art. See more ideas about undertale frisk sans frisk.

Lel XD art by me. Oct 20 2019 - Explore Cosmaticfires board Frisk fanart on Pinterest. Undertale Fanart Game Art Anime Drawings Character Art Comics Fan Art Zelda Characters.

Frisk X Sans Sans X Toriel Guys 3. At the very least they are probably 5 years apart in age which isnt bad. Jan 15 2021 - Explore Aceies board Undertale Sans x Frisk on Pinterest.

See more ideas about sans x frisk frisk san. Undertale Ships Undertale Cute Undertale Fanart Undertale Comic Sans X Frisk Comic Sans And Toriel Gorillaz Grandkinds sans x frisk by jjaydazo on DeviantArt you can imagine if toriel ship frans and wants grandkids so tories wants sans and frisk to have a child. See more ideas about undertale undertale sans undertale art.

Also a child x adult is just. Therefore this ship is considered pedophilia. The main ship of this story is Sans x Frisk.

I ship Frans - Sans x Frisk Undertale. Same with Gaster and Papyrus. Mar 28 2021 - Undertale - HetPlatonic Pairing - Sans and Frisk - Ship.

Infernape The Flame Pokémon. Most likely Frisk is from 7-16 years old and Sans is 20-30 years old but thats not confirmed. Im not sure how many people actually ship this ship but its still cute cuz theyre like the same height and Frisk and Sans.

Another argument is because they think this means Sans has pedophilia because Frisk is a child. See more ideas about undertale art undertale undertale fanart. If you dont like that this isnt the story for you.

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