Aesthetic Levi And Erwin Death Fanart

Aesthetic Levi And Erwin Death Fanart

So Ive decided to do a sketch on what will be like if Captain Levi and Commander Erwin had kids together. Erwin Smith 6069 Levi Ackerman 5835 Hange Zoƫ 2100 Eren Yeager 1645 Mike Zacharias 1223 Armin Arlert 1209 Mikasa Ackerman 1085 Jean Kirstein 911 Petra Ral 608 Levi 582 Include Relationships Levi AckermanErwin Smith 6832 Levi Ackerman Erwin Smith 622 Levi AckermanEren Yeager 604 Marco BottJean Kirstein 391.

Erwin And Levi Chapter 51 Fanart Attack On Titan Attack On Titan Anime Attack On Titan Fanart

Jul 11 2020 - Explore KARRENs board Levi fan art on Pinterest.

Levi and erwin death fanart. Discover and save your own Pins on Pinterest. Isabelle inherited the name Isabelle from Levis little sister talking about isabel from no regrets ova and manga. The Scouts are trapped from one side there is The Colossal Titan from the other side there is the pitching Beast Titan.

Erwin Smith He smiles with far too many teeth and Levi wants to knock every last one of them down his fucking throat for daring to speak that name. A generally chapter-by-chapter character-driven High School AU. Relationship drama self-discovery mental.

What was his name again. Levi levi aot levi fan art drawing digital art fanart portrait art manga aot fanart levi fanart levi ackerman eruri eren aot snk snk 115 eren yeager attack on titan shingeki no kyojin mikasa ackerman mikasa erwin x levi erwin smith captain levi eren x levi. In A Choice with No Regrets it is shown that Levi once intended to kill Erwin to gain citizenship on the surface.

As you can see Isabelle Kuchel Smith is Erwin and Levis daughter. Its Eren Armin and Mikasas first year or high school while its Levi Erwin and Hanges last. Mar 13 2021 - This Pin was discovered by levithebestboiprotecseveryone.

Floch Levi Hange Hanji mourn Erwin. Told from Eren Armin Mikasa Levi Erwin and Hanges point-of-views the characters go through what most high schoolers do. See more ideas about attack on titan levi levi ackerman attack on titan.

Susumedel On Twitter Levi Did Everything To Save Eren Was In Conclusion It S The One Who End Up Being The One To Stop I Think Also There Is The Ackerman Power When When levi ackermans life is saved by erwin. Apr 6 2021 - Explore SnKsimps board Levi fanart on Pinterest. However Levi later chose to instead follow Erwin and work with him to serve humanity.

This is a fanfic Levi has always had a small liking to Erwin. Despite this Levi still spoke rudely around him sometimes though Erwin didnt seem to mind. The moment the door shut after them Levis back hit the wood roughly and Erwins lips are back on his own urgent and bruising.

1200x675 - Levi ackerman often formally referred to as captain levi is the squad captain of the special operations squad within the survey corps and is widely known as humanitys strongest soldier. Even though hed never admit it to Erwins face. Over time Erwin earned Levis trust and subservience.

The moonlight bathed Levis frame in a soft white light an almost etheral glow. See more ideas about attack on titan levi levi ackerman captain levi. Remarkable man Im led to believe Zeke says unperturbed by the palpable air of threat curling off Levi.

Fan Art of Levi and Erwin for fans of Levi Rivaille Shingeki no Kyojin 36195430. As for her middle name was taken from Levis mother. Levi and Erwin are discussing their.

Levi and Erwin are not my characters.

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